Hederas, also known as Evies, exist in a big variety of colours and shapes. The plant is a member of the same family of the Gingseng and has been used for centuries as a curative treatment against aging, both internally and externally.

The Hedera is self adhesive, meaning it is climbing with small aerial roots to affix the shoot to the substrate. It is a fast climber and creeper against both trees as walls, in shadow and sun areas and therefore covers open or ugly spaces in a short period of time. Besides you can make Hederas grow in all sort of shapes, eg bush. In short, Hederas are green lasting, easy to handle plants which can be hold with a minimal amount of attention, both in- and outside the house.

All subspecies of Hederas are perfectly suitable as decoration in combination with other plants. Hederas are not sensible for cutting or trimming and therefore possible to shape in almost any form. This makes the plant a very suitable as cover for entrance gates, walls, garden fencing or big surfaces.